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Cooley Master Class

Cooley Master Class

Last year, I was thrilled to be asked to capture the amazing Cooley Master Class, the highly successful  event horse ridden by Oliver Townend.  In 2018 they won the Kentucky three day event, and have had great success over the years. I have had to keep this secret for months as it was a surprise Christmas present for Cooley Master Class’s owner, so it has been under wraps for a while!
It was a great challenge to paint a horse so beautiful, powerful and intelligent, but also so laid back and relaxed when he is in his stable.When I visited him at Gadlas Farm where he is trained (and looked after wonderfully),  I completely fell in love with him, especially his eyes. So this was a portrait that needed to capture many facets of his personality. A challenge indeed, but so enjoyable. Many thanks to Louise for commissioning me to paint him.