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You can commission your own unique and personal piece of art, created to capture a moment in time or to mark a special occasion. A commissioned piece is often treasured for many years. As I paint the likeness of a person, I strive to show their spirit, energy and personality.
Traditional portraits of adults or children, paintings of children playing happily, or the intensity of a dancer performing a particular role; my commissioned work is varied, each picture designed to suit the client’s requirements.

Portraits, Adults and Children

I work from sketches and photographs, and find that portraits work best if I meet the subject, to sketch and take photographs, and have a chat to get to know them a little. I then produce the drawing or painting in my studio from this reference. Alternatively, if you have good clear photographs, these can work brilliantly as reference for paintings, but it still helps a lot if I can meet the person I will be painting.

Children At Play

Children are often most relaxed and natural when they are lost in their own world of play or make believe. Digging on the beach, playing in the garden, running about in the sunshine, these are the times that I love to capture, and record for the future. A few photographs taken by myself or the client, and a brief meeting with the children is needed to produce one of these paintings. I am finding increasingly that photographs snapped with a smart phone are of fantastic quality and have a spontaneity that leads to great paintings.


Dancers and actors make fantastic subjects for portraits, as there is the performer themselves to capture, but also the role they are playing, the emotion of the performance, the costume and atmosphere. I usually need to see the subject performing on stage, and then to take photos and sketches back stage. The atmosphere of the performance is then combined with this reference to produce the final piece in my studio. A creative fusion of two art forms, this often leads to really exciting work.


Prices start at £250 for a small sepia sketch, and vary according to the size of the piece, how much colour is required, and how many people are in the picture. Prices include mounting but not framing. I can easily arrange for work to be framed.

These are basic guidelines:

Type of Picture ApproxSize When Framed Price, unframed
Sepia drawing, small 44 x 40cm £250
Sepia drawing, large 70 x 58cm £350
2 to 3 children playing, in colour, small 70 x 58cm £400
2 to 3 children playing, in colour, medium2 to 3 children playing, in colour, large 82 x 65cm91 x 77cm £500£750
Head and shoulders or full figure portrait, in colour, medium 82 x 65cm £650
Portrait figure, in colour, large 91 x 77cm £950
Group portraits – price varies depending on how many people will be included